Public Finance Management

With over two decades as an international firm of chartered accounts, productivity & improvement advisers and leadership & management transformation consultants, the TL First Integrated Management Group (the parent company of TL First gov) has an excellent record of delivering Public Finance Management (PFM) programs in the United Kingdom, UAE and Nigeria. At TL First Gov, the expertise on accountability, assurance and tax solutions services is transposed in supporting increased transparency and accountability in the budget processes at the national and sub-national levels of governments across Sub-Saharan Africa. Our coverage of PFM has expanded from the narrowly defined central government budget to all levels of government and the broader public sector spending, including state enterprises and public-private partnerships.

We favor a systemic engagement with PFM, with the agenda of producing knowledge pieces, designing and supporting fiscal policymaking and its implementation. Under this focus area, our area of expertise include

Our Issue areas

Other areas of Engagement Include

  • Unpacking the fiscal and administrative architecture of service delivery in Nigeria

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