Urban Series

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Resilience Planning, The BRACED Knowledge Manager (2017)

Globally in recent decades, there have been increasing experiences of flood, drought and other man-made as well as natural water conditions resulting in property and human loss, and general hardship. This is the despite the technological innovations, medical advancements and socioeconomic development which should mean that we are more likely now, to survive a disaster (ActionAid International, 2016). Rapid population growth in hazard-prone locations makes the world more susceptible to the adverse effects of disasters... Read more

Sanitation under Stress, Overseas Development Institute (2016)

This paper explores the challenge of cities in meeting up with the demand for water, proper sanitation and basic services for effective functioning. It suggests that greater efforts should be made to identifying service providers in cities and discovering challenges they face in responding to acute migration. Large, unplanned for influx of migrants and refugees poses both a challenge and an opportunity to local service providers and governments in the delivery of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) service... Read more

Urban Concerns in Lagos

With a total landmass of approximately 3,345 square kilometers, which represents almost 0.4% of the total land area of Nigeria, Lagos is the smallest state in the country. Lagos has a long history predating colonial period. It grew as a trade centre and seaport in the 15th century. However pre-colonial Lagos was mainly fishing and farming settlement in the 17th century. Owing to its physical characteristics, it became an important slave-exporting port in the eighteenth century...
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Urban Concerns in Enugu

Enugu State is an inland state in southeastern Nigeria. Its capital is Enugu where the state derives its name. It is one of the thirty-six States constituting the Nigerian Federation. It came into being on August 27, 1991 when the administration of President Ibrahim Babangida finally acquiesced to the long agitations of Waawa people for a State they could truly call their own. Enugu State derives its name from the capital city ...
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Urban Concerns in Kaduna

Kaduna is the state capital of Kaduna State in north-western Nigeria, on the Kaduna River, is a trade center and a major transportation hub for the surrounding agricultural areas with its rail and road junction. The city was the second most industrialized city after Lagos in Nigeria in the 1970’s, though this economic climate of Kaduna has got worse in the last two-three decades. The metropolis is historically founded on three arms; Administrative Capital, Industrial Town ...
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Urban Concerns in Kumasi

Kumasi is the capital city of Ashanti Region in Ghana with a population of approximately two million in 2010. The city has been developing as an important commercial centre as well as transport and logistics centre for international distribution networks. In recent years, the urban environment of Kumasi has deteriorated due to lack of public services and extreme congestion in the city centre, as well as in suburban areas due to the rapid population increase and urban sprawl beyond the...
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