Past Works

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Citizens Engagement

TL First Gov. under the Subsidy Reinvestment & Empowerment Programme (SURE-P) carried out a Communication Project with the objectives . . . Read more

Maternal and Child Health

TL First Gov. carried out a Maternal and Child Health Project for the Subsidy Reinvestment & Empowerment Programme (Sure-P). The Project aspired to . . . Read more

Financial Prudence and Procurement

TL First Gov. was also a partner in financial prudence, procurement and balancing. Local authorities assets were used to deliver many of the services that are . . . Read more

ICT in Social Inclusion

TL First Gov. assisted the Beacon Panel use IT to lead citizens to participate in governance. TL First as a consultant to the Council used innovative ways to involve . . . Read more

Monitoring and Evaluation

The Monitoring and Evaluation Project of SURE-P sought to; stimulate the economy and alleviate poverty, support systematic collection of data, systematically . . . Read more

Health, Social Care and Mental Health Services

TL First Gov. has extensive experience in the health, social care and mental health services, working in the Care Quality Commission. We managed a budget for . . . Read more

Performance Assessment of Local Governments in the UK

TL First Gov. led a programme that helps to evaluate general performance of local governments across UK. The Beacon Council Scheme was . . . Read more

UK Housing Program

TL First Gov. supported the Housing Program (Housing Shortage) and Urban Planning. In many communities across the United Kingdom people were . . . Read more