• Starts: April 7, 2021
  • Length: 2 Days
  • Location: Abuja
  • Fees: ₦ 250,000
  • Reserve: 40
  • Downloaded: 120

Programme Description

The programme integrates the most effective and efficient methods for building, implementing, and sustaining a dynamic, adaptable, and standard human capital and culture transformation for executives. Human capital is a key focus to many organizations, across both the public and private sectors. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more important to understand why investing in human capital to protect hard-won gains from being eroded. Hence, it is important for executives to have significant knowledge on human capital and culture. The programme is driven by a need to improve the efficiency and management of human capital in an organization.

Programme Objective

Participants will be able to:
1. Understand and manage employees
2. Develop abilities to transform and understand diverse culture
3. Recognize the role of management in communicating and reshaping culture
4. Develop cultural awareness within an organization
5. Increase the effectiveness of managers and executives who work with diverse pool of human capital

Programme Modules

1. Concept and Basic Introduction to Human Capital
2. Human Capital Challenges 3. Improving Efficiency of Human Capital
4. Training and Development as a Tool of improving Human Capital
5. Human Capital Management: Integrated Policy Responses to Covid-19
6. Insights from the Human Capital Index
7. Basic Knowledge o Culture
8. Cultural values and attitudes (time, space, group dynamics, authority, tasks, relationships)
9. Working together across cultures
10. Developing cultural awareness

Programme Outcomes

At the end of the programme participants will be able to:
1. Improve the efficiency of human capital leveraging on culture
2. Understand the importance of training and deployment in an organization
3. Create and maintain organizational culture, processes, and systems to ensure productivity
4. Identify factors affecting human capital transformation
5. Understand the basic concept of human capital

Target Participants

Boards Members, Chief Operating Officers, MDs/CEOs, Senior Level Executives, Leaders, Managers, Executive Directors and Heads of Departments and Units, HR and Corporate Managers, Team Leads, Project Managers, Middle Managers and/or Supervisors saddled with the responsibility of developing the capacity of their teams, , staff becoming more culturally diverse and involved in multinational projects and programmes.

Programme Information Session

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