• Starts: April 12, 2023
  • Length: 3 days Days
  • Location: Abuja or as decided by the client
  • Fees: ₦ 150,000
  • Reserve: 40
  • Downloaded: 120

Programme Description

People are at the core of any workplace, but people can be complex in their behaviours and attitudes. Managing people and their performance requires specialist skills and attitudes that many leaders, managers, and supervisors struggle with these issues. Therefore, managing people and their performance is about getting the right things done in the right way by the right people. It involves ensuring that the organisation’s strategic goals reflect the needs of the business and are understood by all. As such HR Professional, Business Partners and Leaders need to understand human psychology, human behaviour and employee attitudes to get the best out of them for the overall benefit of the organization.

Programme Objective

Participants will be able to:
1. Identify and manage the key competencies of Emotional Intelligence
2. Illustrate examples of performance decline and the appropriate interventions
3. Understanding of human psychological behaviour
4. Managing good performance and poor performance
5. Formulate a business case for appropriate performance appraisal

Programme Modules

1. Understanding human psychology: Johari Window
2. Behaviour styles – passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive & assertive
3. Emotional Intelligence (EI)
4. Performance Improvement Planning (PIP)
5. Driving Performance through Talent Management
6. Group dynamics
7. Communication Skills for Performance Management
8. The Assertiveness Model of Behaviour and Attitudes
9. Managing Employee for Performance; Behaviour Mirror Diagnostic Tool

Programme Outcomes

At the end of the programme participants will be able to:
1. Formulate a business case for appropriate performance appraisal
2. Develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence
3. Create and manage talent & succession planning
4. Make a Performance Appraisal System Work
5. Manage performance decline and recognize the behaviour of other

Target Participants

Leaders, managers, and supervisors who needs to improve their skills in people management, HR personnel HR business partners, Supervisors, middle managers & department heads, Learning and development professionals All staff interested in developing these specialist skills

Programme Information Session

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