• Starts: March 24, 2021
  • Length: 3 Days
  • Location: Lagos
  • Fees: ₦ 95,000
  • Reserve: 40
  • Downloaded: 120

Programme Description

For several decades, material planning has been the standard method for manufacturing and inventory planning. Demand Planning and material planning requires informed judgment, business expertise, and technical skills. Done well, it can provide a true competitive edge and increased sales, while managing inventory and maintaining best-in-class customer service. Demand and material planning depend on both a structured process and modeling. Both are equally important. In this programme facilitators describe not only the fundamentals of demand and material planning, but also the essence of forecasting process and the role it plays in demand planning.

Programme Objective

  1. Develop competency to adopt and explore material planning techniques
  2. Examine the most appropriate method for planning demand
  3. Apply best approach to manage demand
  4. Leverage the modern, sophisticated demand and material planning techniques that are now available
  5. Enhance demand flexibility

Programme Modules

  1. Demand and Material Planning; Background
  2. Understanding the Principles of Managing Demand
  3. Demand Analysis
  4. Demand Planning: Hierarchy of Planning
  5. Introduction to Material planning process
  6. Material Planning Grid calculations
  7. Objective and function of Material Planning
  8. Using Kanban Lean
  9. Inventory Forecasting
  10. Using the bill of material, lead-time offsetting and exploding

Programme Outcomes

At the end of the programme participants will be able to:

  1. Ensure inventory is forecast and modeled
  2. Recognize that demand can be highly variable
  3. Apply demand and material planning theory
  4. Develop an understanding of material planning process
  5. Understand and make use of bill of material, lead time offsetting and exploding

Target Participants

Purchasing, Procurement, Inventory, Sales and Project personnel. All others who are involved in the planning, evaluation, preparation and management of demands that cover the acquisition of materials, parts, equipment, and services, and those who are in organizations whose leadership want high levels of excellence in those involved in these activities.

Programme Information Session

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