Our Management Retreat event captures the evolutionary state of the organization and reviews the performance scorecards looking at Performance, Financials, HR Policies, Internal Processes, and Training and Capacity Development, all with a view to bringing about favourable climate and re-positioning your company for challenges of the immediate and the long term.

The strategic management retreats offer effective on-site or off-site business review, planning, and problem-solving sessions away from daily work distractions. Retreats provide a more relaxed and innovative thinking environment for better collaboration, brain storming, and decision-making for organizations and their executive management teams. The First Leadership Academy strategic retreats are a unique mix of facilitation, consulting and executive action-learning sessions.

Strategic Management Retreats Duration:

Our typical strategic retreat sessions span about 3 to 5 days and are followed up by breakout consulting and/or coaching sessions at intervals during and after the retreat. This is designed to evaluate the outcomes of the retreat and monitor key stakeholders who are drivers of the resolutions from the retreats

Strategic Management Retreats Deliverables

Strategic Management Retreats Process

The sessions are facilitated by experienced and season business experts and consultants who will bring together the management team, ask questions to stimulate and validate their planning and provide new insights. As an independent consultant, our team provides objective validation of assumptions, thinking processes and solutions. Our consultants are skilled leadership transformation and management consultant with strong understanding of business management, leadership styles and team dynamics.

Our consultant will:

Your Teams Contributions

  • Attend the sessions; learn, brainstorm, work and collaborate together
  • Deliver an action plan to leverage the new opportunities &/or overcome the challenges
  • Receive remote or onsite follow-up support sessions (Optional)