On occasions the potential of time away from ringing phones, interrupted conversations and pinging emails can be lost due to rushed planning, unrealistic expectations or simply a lack of energy and fun within the agenda.

Our team away days get people together in all major cities in Nigeria (Abuja, Lagos, Kaduna, Port Harcourt etc), in the UK, USA, Canada and across Europe as well as staying in the office.

We cater for teams and groups large and small delivering both fantastic days out involving a mixture of cerebral and physical challenges. We listen to what our clients want, share ideas and put our planning expertise into practice while providing team away day experience tailored to achieve individual and organizational desired outcomes.

From residential retreats to bonding exercises, there are plenty of options to explore. All are designed with one purpose in mind – To keep teams effective and energized!

With a professional facilitator on board, you get the best possible outcome. Your time is used effectively, and everyone is free to participate fully. A well-planned and professionally run team away day pays dividends. We get everyone engaged and involved from beginning to end.

Additional Services Include:


  • Help you think a new, analyze and envision
  • Reveal area of current challenge(s)
  • Allow a simpler and deeper understanding of your business
  • Enable you design more effective business model
  • Formulate a successful business model
  • Help set new scorecard objectives
  • Enhance the formulation of competitive strategies
  • Highlight processes for quantum improvements
  • Help develop actions plans for all business units
  • Help build emotional commitment of management and employees to plan execution.