About Us

We remain one of the very few indigenous Nigerian companies
to have international recognition and compete successfully
with leading global brands in Nigeria and abroad.

Story Behind
Our Success

TL First Group is a global consulting firm that works with business and government leaders to address their most pressing challenges and utilize their most promising opportunities. Founded in 1989, we have a long and proud history in delivering transformational leadership, organisational transformation, business and management consulting through our clear and concise approach and services which range from consulting, accountancy, financial advisory to entirely transforming an organization to become productive and strategic.

As one of the few indigenous Nigerian companies with international recognition, we compete successfully in Nigeria and abroad with leading global brands. Through our transformational leadership approach and bold strategies, we help organisations become more innovative, and achieve long-term productivity while building a workforce that will thrive continually.

Our Consultants and Faculties of over twelve nationalities are proven reform leaders globally and are now retained as policymakers and advisers to multinational corporations and governments. Drawing on our global community of diverse consultants, we apply our global experience to the local context, assisting clients in achieving transformation and success.

At TL First Group, we apply our global experience in transformation, leadership, and strategy development into local contexts, and have unparalleled access to new initiatives, thinking, and practices in all aspects of reforms, transformation, leadership, and management development. In Nigeria, we have strong partnerships with the Presidency, several MDAs, and major PLCs, and we have previously supported several State Governments in promoting Foreign Direct Investment and other Development Organisations.

With offices in Abuja, Accra, Chicago, Dubai, Kent, London, Lagos, New Delhi, and Paris, we help organisations and individuals create the value they seek by delivering tomorrow, today. We have accreditations in Nigeria, the UK, USA, and Asia; and are the only Nigerian Company to have received a Business Leadership Award in the UK.

Why Us?

Our Approach & Initiatives

Our distinct integrated delivery approach recognizes the value of collaborating on public-sector initiatives and the benefits of sharing best practices and proven service delivery approaches. We focus on people’s outcomes, this could be through social and economic well-being, investment gains and returns, safety and security, or profitability and personal well-being, by providing professional and technical support that results in long-term solutions for today and resilience for the unexpected tomorrow.

Our Approach

T3 Transformation Framework ©

Our approach to transformation is unprecedented, through our T3 Transformation Framework®, we follow clear-cut models that are reflective of the situations in which they are applied. Our inclusive growth model goes beyond broad-based methods by providing clear indicators that allow all stakeholders to effectively monitor the progress of growth episodes without bias.

Our effective strategy execution gives our clients a strong, sustainable advantage, combining thought-leadership, legacies, and innovation. We are molded by excellence-driven people united in a persistent pursuit to deliver ingenuity by providing sustainable solutions to our client’s toughest problems. Above everything else, we never lose sight of the premise that our prosperity is directly linked to yours.