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Our unique approach
We focus on people’s outcomes, this could be through social and economic well-being, investment gains and returns, safety and security, or profitability and personal well-being, by providing professional and technical support that results in long-term solutions for today and resilience for the unexpected tomorrow.
T. C. C.

Organizational transformation requires more than just changing an organization’s processes and practices. It must also involve changes in the culture and mindsets of its employees.

T3 Approach

Our approach to transformation is unprecedented, through our T3 Transformation Framework®. We follow clear-cut models that are reflective of the situations in which they are applied.


With bold ideas, tech-enabled solutions, and commitment to transformation, culture, and change, we are dedicated to helping our clients unlock their full potential and achieve long-term success.

Efficiency and Scalability Solutions.


We understand that partnering with our clients to add value to the delivery of their corporate vision is essential. As such, we have developed the ICE Hub to promote sustainable social and economic development through Innovation, Change, and Entrepreneurship. Our methodology and processes are robust, thorough..

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Technology Enabled- Solutions

We understand the importance of using technology to create sustainable social and economic development and are committed to generating solutions that support international development, public finance management, efficient service delivery, accountability,

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Risk Manangement

Risk can come from every angle and what lies ahead can be hard to see, anticipate and respond to effectively. That’s why our consulting team urges organizations to look at and respond to risk with fresh thinking. Our way of working is simple - leverage bold ideas and respond to risk

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Our Success Story

TL First Group is a global consulting firm that works with business and government leaders to address their most pressing challenges and utilize their most promising opportunities. Founded in 1989, we have a long and proud history of delivering transformational leadership, organisational transformation, business and management consulting through our clear and concise approach and services which range from consulting, accountancy, and financial advisory to entirely transforming an organization to become productive and strategic. As one of the few indigenous Nigerian companies with international recognition, we compete successfully in Nigeria and abroad with leading global brands. Through our transformational leadership approach and bold strategies, we help organisations become more innovative, and achieve long-term productivity while building a workforce that will thrive continually.