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Bringing vision to life

To make a vision a reality, both employers and employees must first understand the vision, so they are all on same page and everyone is working towards it.

Driving Organisational Change Through People

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations often find themselves at a crossroads: how to drive meaningful change while honoring their traditional values and practices. This delicate balance between innovation...

Sub-Saharan African Economy

It is estimated that of 26 Sub-Saharan African countries identified as fragile — a term characterised by weak growth, political instability, poor governance, low capacity and non-inclusive institutions—only 12 could...

Artificial Intelligence

Today, Artificial Intelligence handles insurance claims and basic bookkeeping, manages investment portfolios, does legal research, and performs basic HR tasks. Amazon offers a more modern example of this phenomena.

Progression Towards Value Creation

Value creation for forward-thinking organisations is a primary purpose of being in business. In the past, value creation was a function of output in industry including a large production of...

Collaboration: The Solution To Workplace Productivity in The Near Future

Employers and business owners are starting to see the importance of workplace collaboration and its attendant effect on efficiency and productivity. Collaboration is subtly transforming expectations for how work gets...