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Leading Global Consulting Services

TL First offers global consulting services to business and government leaders all over the world. Our international management consultants understand the unique challenges and opportunities that arise in today’s complex global marketplace.

Our team of experts provides a practical advisor to help these leaders navigate the ever-changing global environment and make informed decisions for their organization.


We believe that valuable ideas are essential in driving success. Our focus is on creating unique and valuable solutions that drive real results.

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At TL First Consulting, we understand that partnering with our clients to add value to the delivery of their corporate vision is essential. As such, we have developed the ICE Hub to promote sustainable social and economic development through Innovation, Change, and Entrepreneurship.

TL First also specialises in Executive Recruitment and Head-hunting for leadership and strategic posts. Our methodology and processes are robust, thorough, and comprehensive, applying an all-rounded approach to ensure the right candidate is identified and recruited for the right job. We creates bold ideas that add real value.

We partner with our clients to understand the organization’s goals and culture and provide a tailor-made recruitment solution to meet the demands of the corporate vision. We provide an efficient and cost-effective solution, based on an integrated system of networks and professional relationships.

Through years of experience, TL First has become an expert in finding executives and leaders who are the perfect match for our clients. We understand that every client’s recruitment needs are unique, and our goal is to find the best fit for each role.

Technology-Enabled Solutions

At TL First, we understand the importance of using technology to create sustainable social and economic development and are committed to generating solutions that support international development, public finance management, efficient service delivery, accountability, and transparency.

Our team is dedicated to innovation, change, and entrepreneurship (ICE Hub), and involves cross-sector collaboration, knowledge exchange, business incubation and acceleration, capacity building, and integrated, tech-enabled solutions.

Our way of working encourages us to develop innovative approaches that drive real results. By embracing a culture of transformation and change, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients that are tailored to their unique needs. 

Risk and Regulation

Risk can come from every angle and what lies ahead can be hard to see, which we anticipate and respond to effectively. Our consulting team urges organizations to look at and respond to risk with contemporary reasoning.

We understand that risk and regulations are an integral part of modern business. Our risk management and consultancy service empowers you to anticipate what’s ahead, therefore upholding your reputation, and improving your business performance

Our way of working is simple – leverage bold ideas and respond to risk with contemporary reasoning.

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