For over 30 years, First Leadership Academy, the training arm of TL First Group has been providing executive education to build and transform leaders across governments and businesses.

We remain one of the very few indigenous Nigerian companies to have international recognition and compete successfully with leading global brands in Nigeria and abroad. We also hold registered trademarks/patents in Nigeria and across Europe for our intellectual products, technical innovation, and strategy toolkits: Delivering tomorrow today®, Innovation Change and Entrepreneurship (ICEHUB)®, and Transformational Leadership.

At TL First Group, we apply our global experience in transformation, leadership and strategy development into local contexts, and have unparalleled access to new initiatives, thinking and practices in all aspects of reforms, transformation, leadership and management development.

TL First Group is a leading global consulting group of transformational Leadership, strategy, productivity and improvement, and innovation consultants. Our group also includes a firm of chartered & certified accountants, and innovation hub (ICEHUB®), and economic development consultants. We have experience in delivering organizational transformation, leadership, and economic development across communities, across governments, across businesses and across the world.

In Nigeria, we have strong partnership with the Presidency, several MDAs and major PLCs, and had in the past supported a number of State Governments in promoting FDI and PPPs. We have accreditation in Nigeria, UK, USA, and Asia; and the only Nigerian Company to have received a Business Leadership Award in the UK. Our Advisers, Consultants and Faculties of twelve nationalities are proven leaders of reforms across the world, and now retained as policy makers and advisers to multinational companies and governments.

We have offices in Abuja, Accra, Chicago, Dubai, Kent, London, Lagos, New Delhi, and Paris

Our Approach

TL First Group pioneers in integrating accountancy, management consultancy, public service productivity, leadership development and international development in a unique way that improves the social economic wellbeing of citizens and the yield of investors. Our unique approach provides our clients with added value through integrated solutions and delivery partnership.

Our unique integrated delivery approach recognizes the need for joining up of public services initiatives and the benefits from sharing best practice and proven service delivery approaches.

Our focus is on outcomes for people, either through their social & economic wellbeing, investment gains & returns, safety & security, or profitability & personal welfare, we provide professional and technical support that lead to sustained solutions for today, and resilience for the unexpected tomorrow.

Our approach to transformation is unprecedented, following clear-cut models that are reflective in the situations in which they are applied, using our T3 Transformation Framework©. Our inclusive growth model goes beyond broad-based methods and provide clear indicators for all stakeholders to effectively monitor the progress of growth episodes without discrimination.

Our effective strategy execution gives our clients a strong, sustainable advantage, combining thought-leadership, legacies, and innovation. We are molded by excellence-driven people united in a persistent pursuit to deliver ingenuity by providing sustainable solutions to our client’s toughest problems. Our Advisers, Consultants and Faculties (of seven nationalities) are proven leaders of reform across the world.

Above everything else, we never lose sight of the premise that our prosperity is linked to yours

Brand Identity

Unique Advantages

  • We are an indigenous company with unique global experience, plus national and international accreditations.
  • We have strong experience of working with Government and Businesses.
  • We have successfully conducted reviews and analysis on Public Service and Business Innovation Models
  • We previously supported a number of MDA’s and Corporate Organizations in developing their strategies for 2019-2023, developing Performance Scorecard and Building Leadership Capacity.
  • We have over 30 years’ experience in delivering transformation and leadership, with an extensive range of consultants, and an e-library of over 1,000 publications that we make available to our clients.
  • We also provide our clients with free ongoing support and use of our bespoke CRIPT360™ Performance Management Tracker & Dashboard, and access to our Innovation, Change and Entrepreneurship Hubs (ICEHUB®) based in Lagos, Abuja, Accra and London.
  • We are globally recognized with professional accreditations in Nigeria, Europe and America, and the only Nigerian company to receive a UK Business Leadership Award for our work on organizational transformation.
  • We hold Intellectual property and Patents in Nigeria, UK and Europe.

Methodology and Quality Control

The focus on quality is the hallmark our product and service delivery. Our quality control procedures and processes apply to both inhouse and consultant designed projects. The procedure includes periodic reviews and assessments at pre-determined stages during the design and execution of the project. After extensive research and test running, we adopted the Total Quality Management technique as our quality control procedures.

Our Total quality management (TQM) consists of organization-wide efforts to create a climate where employees continuously improve their ability to provide on demand products and services that customers will find of value. This approach emphasizes that departments in addition to production (for example sales and market, account and finance, engineering and design) are obligated to improve their operations; “management” emphasizes that executes are obligated to manage quality through funding, training, staffing, and goal setting.

The key points our quality control procedures and processes are:

Lead Facilitator/Consultant

Dr Olu-Segun Olasode FCCA

Areas of Specialization: Economics, Governance & Leadership, Marketing Research, Media and Creativity, Women & Youth Empowerment, Training and Capacity Building,  Information Communication Technology, Business Automation, Strategy Management, Accounting, Financial Planning, Social Inclusion, International Development, Innovation, Change, Entrepreneurship Development, Community Development, Digital Intelligence, Business Incubation & Consulting, Strategic Decision Management, Management Consulting and Research.

Dr Olu Olasode is an Economist, Turnaround, International Development, Leadership Consultant, and a Chartered Accountant, with over 35 years professional experience. He facilitates capacity building, transformation, leadership and developments across America, Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

In the previous Nigerian government administration of President Goodluck Jonathan, he was the Chief Technical Adviser and Coordinator of the President’s Technical Matters Unit where he facilitated the development of over 50,000 unemployed graduates in the 36 states of the Federation and FCT through internship programmes. Arising from this, 10,219 graduates were selected and deployed.

Prior to that, in the UK government administration of Prime Mister Tony Blair, he was a CQC Commissioner, Special Adviser and Director in the Cabinet Office’s Capacity-builders, having also worked in the UK Government Administration of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Prime Minister David Cameron.

He initiated the Harmonized Entrepreneurship, Advocacy and Technology (HEAT) project which addressed the marginalization of young girls and women. The project HEAT’s provided trainings and information resource that promotes and give access to supports for entrepreneurship, social justice with technological tools as enabler and delivery mechanism for women and girls.

He is a consultant to the Ministry of Petroleum Resources on Oil & Gas sector reforms and other projects.