• Starts: November 21, 2022
  • Length: 3 Days
  • Location: Abuja or as decide by the client
  • Fees: ₦ 300,000
  • Reserve: 40
  • Downloaded: 120

Programme Description

People, it is important to put people first where all employees are enabled to take responsibility for their own progression and development, while change management is a structured approach for ensuring that changes are thoroughly and smoothly implemented, and that the lasting benefits of change are achieved. This programme will help participants to understand change management and how it affects people and culture.

Programme Objective

Participants will be able to:
1. Implement culture change and manage the change process
2. Create and define goals that get implemented
3. Adopt a positive organizational approach to culture change
4. Identify key actions people need to exhibit while adopting organizational change
5. Measure the rate of adoption of change in the workplace

Programme Modules

1. Quantitative Measurement of Organizations Culture
2. Align People, Culture, Strategy, and Structure
3. Stakeholder Participation in Change Management
4. Management Skills
5. Setting SMART Goals
6. Performance Measurement
7. Building Motivation through the Change Process
8. Kotter’s Eight Change Model
9. Overcoming Resistance to Change, The People

Programme Outcomes

At the end of the programme participants will be able to:
1. Define strategic direction, and decide what the organizational culture should look like to support success
2. Intentionally align to a new organizational culture, strategy, and structure
3. Communicate and demonstrate the change to all stakeholders
4. Manage the emotional responses of people to Change and Culture
5. Redesign approach to rewards and recognition

Target Participants

Boards Members, CEO’s and Directors, HR professionals, Chief Operating Officers, MDs/CEOs, Senior Level Executives, Leaders, Managers, Executive Directors and Heads of Departments and Units Project Managers, Technical Leads, Operational Managers and Current and potential strategic leaders.

Programme Information Session

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